2020 Kallah Recap

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Kallah 2020 Recap

ECE-RJ just had the 2020 Kallah, The art of intentionality, where deep connections were cultivated in a very intentional and meaningful way. Participants practiced mindfulness as a prerequisite suited for intentional learning and reflective practice. This was truly a memorable and transformative experience One hundred and thirty local Jewish educators from St. Louis, and others from afar, gathered for the pre-Kallah to learn with Elena Naftalin-Kelman, who has taught special education and Jewish education for over 15 years.  Lisa Samick, Director of Temple Israel, NY, and Carol Paster, Director of Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel’s Iris Family Center for Early Childhood Education engaged us in strategies to create a collaborative work culture.  Karen Lucy, Early Childhood Education Director of Shaare Emeth, graciously welcomed us into her Temple and school.  Thank you, Karen, for your audacious hospitality and hard work.

Leaving these truly amazing 5 days to head home. I don’t know that I have the words, or ever will, to explain this experience.  The only experience I’ve ever had that I can at all compare it to is Camp Ramah and how immersive, intense and personally changing that was. Except this was as an adult with adults, and all adults who are professionally spending their days and brain cells and energy doing what I do. One of our marvelous leaders talked about feeling nourished and that is a good word. My soul, my very being, has been nourished – Jill Ellen

How fortunate we were to learn from the best of the best! The scholar in residence for the Kallah, Rabbi Andrea Goldstein, awoke our souls and hearts, teaching compassion, patience, and mindfulness.  She truly touched our lives and impacted us very deeply.  Rick Recht, the incredible musician in Jewish music, not only brought us sounds that moved us, but provided us with the most innovative and amazing leadership training. Shira Kline, AKA “ShirLaLa”, Presenter, musician, and Spiritual Leader infused soul-lifting songs and intentional practices into everything we did.

I was especially delighted with the Kallah because of the caliber of thought behind every activity and the intellectual and emotional intelligences addressed by our teachers. This gathering was the ultimate in weaving heart-body-mind-soul. It led the early childhood educators on a self-reflective journey that would without a doubt, impact their own functioning level but also the people whose lives they touch every day. I’m very proud of our organization in its ongoing ability to raise the bar of sophistication while staying grounded in kindness, focus, and community. – Nancy Bossov

Thank you to Ian Simpson, who is a song leader extraordinaire at Temple Emanu-El, Dallas and to Susan Anderson, Assistant Director/Lead Teacher at Gan Shalom Preschool in Bloomington, and a professional musician, that warmed our hearts with her angel-like voice and storytelling.  Thank you to all the conference participants, your engagement and presence truly made this a heartfelt experience.

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Shira Kline’s Songsheet Rick Recht’s Presentation Cathy Rolland’s Presentation Rabbi Andrea Goldstein’s Cultivating Compassion Doc Rabbi Andrea Goldstein’s Cultivating Compassion Meditation Download this FREE mobile app, use these fantastic resources, share with teachers and families – especially the Sleepytime Mode switch to play during nap time. PJ Library App

Kallah 2020 Photo Gallery

We collected a few images that highlight our event in St. Louis.