2022 Conference Call For Presenters

Lech Lecha: Moving Forward Together.
Reconnect, Reimagine, and Rebound.

Call for Presenters

We are issuing a call for workshop presenters for the ECE-RJ November 2022 in-person conference, titled: Lech Lecha: Moving Forward Together Reconnect, Reimagine, and Rebound

Conference attendees will come together to take a deep-dive into how we drive our profession forward, as we begin to emerge from the dramatic changes brought on by the pandemic. Our incredible braintrust of educators will reflect on the advances we have made, exploring and creating new innovative techniques and experiences that will directly impact our families, institutions, and the greater Jewish community. During the conference, we will nurture and nourish our own professional practice, ensuring that we leave with action plans that will enrich the work that we do and the communities we serve.

The conference committee is looking for workshops/presentations (approximately 1-2 hour sessions) for Directors, Assistant Directors, and Teachers, related to the following topics:


  • Providing the opportunity to deepen our collective work through collegial exchanges
  • Exploring the ever-evolving technology/social media platforms that allow for innovation and experimentation; diversifying how we reach people and where
  • Finding practical ways to implement new ideas and philosophies through expanding our networks
  • Creating new ways to invite others into our communities
  • Sharing resources, successes and managing obstacles
  • Reflecting on our own spiritual practice


  • Transforming programming for congregational/institutional life
  • Building supportive communities that bolster/build resilience in children and educators
  • Envisioning professional roles that sustain, grow and support our programs/institutions/communities
  • Encouraging creative, collective dreaming about how space, technology and programming can be adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of our schools/families/communities


  • Practicing self-care techniques to manage stress, to refresh, and to hear
  • Becoming a Catalyst for Change that strengthens our programs/institutions/communities
  • Supporting agency for the professionals, lay leaders, and parents in our communities
  • Utilizing what was learned in the past to reshape our vision and move things forward

If you have another idea related to the themes of RECONNECT, REIMAGINE, and REBOUND, please let us know!

Presentations during the 2022 Conference will take place between November 2-4.

Submissions will be accepted through April 30th and communication will follow by May 30th. 

Please click on the link below to complete the Proposal Form.

Thank you for considering sharing your expertise and helping to make our conference an inclusive experience for all who attend. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly.


Tricia Ginis
Executive Director, Early Childhood Educators of Reform Judaism
[email protected]

Submit your proposal to be a speaker at our conference.

Submissions will be accepted through March 30th and communication will follow by April 30th.