About the 2022 Kallah

Lishmoa, Lilmod, Lif’ol (Listen, Learn, Act): Creating Responsive Community by Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges.

This year, due to COVID-19 precautions, Kallah will be held virtually.

At this moment in our world and our Jewish community, now is the time to take action. To act with empathy, compassion and create and maintain a strong community – or Kehillah – for all, we must first truly listen to ourselves and the people around us.

Through listening and learning with others, we can create more inclusive and diverse environments as we work outwards in our community— with our families, school/congregation, and the reform movement.

“Listening means being open to differences, recognizing the value of another’s point of view and interpretation. Thus, listening becomes not only a pedagogical strategy but also a way of thinking and looking at others.”

Carlina Rinaldi, President, Reggio Children Foundation — Loris Malaguzzi Center.

With the support and guidance from various presenters, Kallah attendees (Directors, Assistant Directors, early childhood educators, and ECE-RJ community members) will come together to take a deep dive into how we listen, learn, act, and create the community every individual needs.

  • Stronger support for Jews and educators of color
  • LGBTQ+ awareness and minority rights
  • Equal access and accessibility, and more

During Kallah, we will explore the many ways we can further our work together, to open up our ears and widen the tent surrounding us.

About Kallah

Every other year, Early Childhood Educators of Reform Judaism (ECE-RJ) holds Kallah, a special conference filled with spiritually and communal learning.

Kallah is the name of the teacher conferences held in Babylonia during the Amoraim period (200 to 500 CE). Each Kallah focused on a treatise of the Mishnah, known as “the treatise of the Kallah.”

 The ECE-RJ Kallah follows this same tradition, with a single topic weaved throughout the entire event. Each Kallah provides a different experience, combining guest speakers, singing, praying, and sharing.

About Early Childhood Educators of Reform Judaism

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