About the 2020 Kallah

The Art Of Intentionality

The theme for 2020 Kallah is the Art Of Intentionality.

An intentional learning environment is one that fosters activity, feedback and a culture that encourages metacognition, that is, one in which the learner becomes aware of his/her learning process.

About Kallah

Every other year, ECE-RJ holds Kallah, a special conference filled with spiritually and communal learning.

Kallah is the name of the teacher conferences held in Babylonia during the Amoraim period (200 to 500 CE).  Each Kallah focused on a treatise of the Mishnah, known as “the treatise of the Kallah”.

The ECE-RJ Kallah follows this same tradition, with a single topic weaved throughout the entire event.  Each Kallah provides a different experience, combining guest speakers, singing, praying and sharing.

2020 Kallah participants will learn to create environments suited for intentional learning and develop a reflective practice. Curriculum can be used as a blueprint to organize, plan, and create meaningful experiences.

Kallah will help Directors, Assistant Directors, Teachers, Lay Leaders and supporters of early childhood Jewish education make deeper connections to their own community and develop a more intentional school environment.