2020 Kallah Scholarship

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About the Scholarship

Early Childhood Educators of Reform Judaism (ECERJ) is excited to be able to accept applications for financial assistance for the 2020 ECE-RJ Kallah to be held in St. Louis, MO February 18-22, 2020 made possible by The Charles Mansfield Educator Scholarship Fund. Limited scholarship will be awarded to help offset the cost of the conference fees. Applicants must be members of ECE-RJ, in good standing and scholarship will be awarded based on financial need.

Scholarship recipients will be expected to share a room to alleviate some of the additional expenses AND volunteer to help during the conference (i.e. registration desk, greeting at meals, leading a blessing, etc.). We are happy to help you find a roommate if assistance is needed. We also recommend speaking with your clergy, local federation or other agencies for additional scholarship opportunities or donations of miles for flights, if needed.

For any questions please contact:
Susie Weiner, VP of Administration, ECE-RJ.
Temple Beth El
[email protected]
(248) 865-0611

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The 2020 ECE-RJ Kallah is geared toward Directors, Assistant Directors, Teachers, Lay Leaders and supporters of early childhood Jewish education.

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