Listening & Cultivating Words that Matter

Through listening and cultivating practices that focus on universal values, middot, that matter in our everyday lives, we can live our lives more intentionally. Bringing these skills to our classrooms will help instill mindfulness and intentional living as part of everyday existence.


Jan 12 2022


4:00 pm - 5:15 pm


2021 Kallah


  • Karen Hoffman (she/her)
    Karen Hoffman (she/her)
    CEO, Living on Purpose

    Karen Hoffman is the founder and CEO of Living on Purpose, committed to helping individuals, educators, practitioners, teams and groups live with more attention to intention. Karen worked at a large Reform congregation in Dallas for nearly 15 years, helping individuals on their Jewish journeys, working with small groups and large groups as they engaged in life through a Jewish lens. Karen has been trained by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality (IJS) and has been featured on Rabbi Richard Address’s podcast, Seekers of Meaning. As a longtime Jewish professional, Karen enjoys helping individuals and teams explore universal values, often through a Jewish lens; she uses positive psychology, mindfulness techniques, text and activities to cultivate practices that can be used in classrooms, work teams, small groups and as individuals. These creative techniques open our hearts and minds to new ways of living on purpose.

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